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About us

Welcome to Equia, your premier destination for top-notch polo management services. We take immense pride in providing a platform where polo enthusiasts can unleash their passion for the sport.

Our mission is to create a friendly, relaxed, and professional environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the world of polo.

At Equia, we believe that polo is not just a game; it is friendship, family, and an everlasting passion.

EQUIA, where Equestrian Excellence Meets Endless Possibilities.


Training & Practices

We present a comprehensive, personalized training program to elevate your polo skills to new heights. Our experienced instructors, catering to all levels from beginners to seasoned players, will mentor and guide you through every chukka.

Rental & Selling

Unveil the thrill of polo with Equia's exceptional horse rental and selling services. Whether you seek a captivating match or a majestic equine companion, our handpicked selection of polo horses ensures a seamless riding experience.

Horse Transportation

Rest easy as your polo horses embark on a stress-free journey with Equia's reliable horse transportation service. We handle all necessary insurance and habilitations, ensuring your equine partners' safe passage.

Veterinary Services

Caring for your horses' well-being is our priority. Our impeccable veterinary recovery service is based on balanced feed, shoeing service, and specialized equine veterinarians, to give your horses utmost care and attention.

Equine Pension

Our specialized Equestrian Center provides the perfect haven for your horses. Whether you prefer boxes with included food or grazing fields, our spacious yards, training track, and polo fields ensure your horses receive the best care.

Polo Equipment

Equia provides unparalleled attention to your horse's equipment needs, guaranteeing readiness for the field. With a wide selection of complete horse equipment and the exceptional support of dedicated grooms, your polo horses shine.